Materiality assessment

Hansel’s corporate responsibility efforts and the related communications are based on a materiality matrix, which provides guidance in the application of the GRI Standards to the company’s reports. A materiality assessment determines the topics that are to be covered in the corporate responsibility report.

The responsibility themes presented in the corporate responsibility report have been assessed in the materiality matrix with regard to their impact on the activities of the company and its stakeholders. This allows Hansel to focus on reporting the key themes within corporate responsibility. Although generating savings for the government has not been specifically highlighted among our stakeholders, it is considered the most important area of our core business.

There are several elements affecting the content of the matrix. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), trends in our operating environment, Hansel’s strategy and values and the measures arising from them have been taken into account. Government guidelines and resolutions on Hansel have also affected the content of the matrix. The results of customer, supplier, and employee satisfaction surveys, the reports prepared by the Corporate Responsibility Team and feedback from customers and suppliers have also been taken into consideration.

The materiality matrix was significantly revised in autumn 2016 on the basis of a stakeholder survey. The revised matrix highlights Hansel’s important role in promoting responsibility in the procurement process. In addition, national key projects such as the Handi programme influenced the definition of materiality. The materiality matrix was discussed by the Corporate Responsibility Team and approved by the Executive Committee. The materiality matrix will be updated again in 2018, because the operating environment has changed already.

The topics presented in the materiality matrix have been linked to responsibility themes using colour codes. By clicking on the different areas of the materiality matrix, you will be able read how that responsibility theme is visible in everyday operations at Hansel.

Materiality matrix