Hansel in brief


Hansel Ltd is a state-owned, non-profit limited liability company, the purpose of which is to generate savings to the state through efficient procurement operations. Hansel puts out to tender and maintains framework agreements related to service and product procurements. In addition to central procurement, Hansel offers its customers procurement expert services: tendering expertise and development of legal aspects and procurement. The first pilot project for the dynamic purchasing system also began in 2017, with the purpose of developing a new central procurement process.

Through responsibly run operations, the central procurement unit promotes high-quality procurement and equal, non-discriminatory treatment of suppliers in the tendering process. Hansel’s objective is to organise tendering processes in a manner that fosters efficient market operations and promotes competition.

Hansel’s role and duty as a central procurement unit are specified in the Act on Public Contracts, the Act on a Limited Liability Company Called Hansel Oy, and in the State Procurement Strategy. Hansel’s customers consist of ministries, their subordinate departments, and certain other government agencies.

The company’s operations are funded by service fees for framework agreements and sales of expert services. The maximum service fee that may be charged is based on purchases made, and it is 1.5% of contract value. The average service fee in 2017 was 1.04% (1.06% in 2016). Hansel operates under the ownership steering of the Ministry of Finance.

In 2017, Hansel’s own acquisitions totalled €3.1 million in worth. We make use of framework agreements in our procurement activities whenever possible. If a suitable framework agreement is not available, we perform procurement in accordance with processes determined by the company.

Hansel’s memberships in organisations:

  • EGN Finland Ltd
  • FiBS ry
  • International Technology Law Association
  • Julkisten hankintojen yhdistys ry
  • Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
  • HENRY – Finnish Association for Human Resource Management
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • Oy Nooan Arkki AB (Green Office)
  • Service Sector Employers PALTA
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors Finland ry
  • The Finnish Association of Communications Professionals (ProCom)
  • The Finnish Business Travel Association
  • Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics ry (LOGY)
  • Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy
  • The Information Society Development Centre (TIEKE)