Hansel is a good place to work

Flexible and efficient forms of working and continuous competence development are key points in Hansel’s strategy. Since one out of four employees started in 2017, the importance of good HR management has become especially clear. New operating models and good practices are examined and introduced with an open mind.

In late 2017, Hansel started cooperation with software development house Vincit, and in 2018, the partners will begin a pilot on management as a service. Category management will be testing a model through which experts can, within a certain service menu, choose the supervisor services they require.

Monitoring employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction at Hansel is surveyed every 18–24 months. The latest survey was carried out in autumn 2016, and a follow-up survey is to take place in autumn 2018.

At the end of 2017, a HappyOrNot terminal was commissioned for continuous monitoring of employee satisfaction. So-called pulse surveys were begun in January 2018.

Employee benefits

Hansel’s employee benefits include luncheon, travel, and recreational vouchers. In addition, the company offers free home care for a sick child, provided by one of its partners. The health care services paid by the company are more extensive than required by the law, and in addition to statutory insurances, all salaried employees have a leisure time accident insurance.

New operating models and good practices are examined and introduced with an open mind.

Hansel Club, an active club run by the employees, is in charge of joint activities for the staff. The company gives an annual allowance for the employee club’s recreational events, of which there are sometimes several per month.

The benefits apply to both permanent and temporary employees.


Hansel adheres to the guidelines on management and key employee rewards and incentives issued by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy. All permanent employees are included in the incentives system after a trial period. The goals for the incentives are set by the Board of Directors, and Hansel employees receive at most 15 per cent of their annual pay as an incentive.

Members of the Executive Committee may receive a bonus equal to 30 per cent of their salary as compensation for exceptional performance.

In accordance with the Board of Directors’ decision, performance-related pay in 2017 was based on customer satisfaction and personal performance. The financial statements for 2017 include a provision for incentives of €619,000, excluding social insurance payments. Incentives will be paid out in April 2018. Temporary personnel are not covered by the incentive scheme, although in other respects, their benefits are identical to those of permanent employees.

Paid incentives (excluding social insurance payments)

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
EUR thousand 511 551 505 492 319