Forecast and targets for 2018

The extent of central procurement is expected to grow in comparison to the previous year. The growth of central procurement and increased efficiency have enabled a reduction in the service fee percentage and the cost of expert services. At the beginning of 2018, the government decided to further lower the service fee percentage for five framework agreements. The average service fee percentage will continue to decrease, which will benefit customers in the form of lower prices. Demand for tendering services and procurement development services is also expected to grow. Hansel’s financial position is expected to remain strong.

The average service fee percentage will continue to decrease.

Parliament is currently discussing the government proposal regarding the amendment of the Hansel Act to allow the future regions to use Hansel’s services. The new customers could generate growth in the company’s business and increase societal savings. However, changes are expected to occur slowly, with the effects materialising in later years.

As part of the digitalisation of government procurement, Hansel is continuing the development of procurement data services, and the company has begun an implementation project for a procurement categorisation tool. Hansel is also involved in the Analysis and Reporting Service (#Tietokiri) project led by the State Treasury. In February 2018, Hansel was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance to revise Hilma, the advertisement channel for public procurement.