Complaints and court proceedings related to tendering processes

At the end of 2017, Hansel was involved in a single Market Court case regarding framework agreement tendering processes, and it had one complaint pending in the Supreme Administrative Court.

In 2017, Hansel received the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision on a complaint regarding temporary agency workers in the social services and health care sector. The Supreme Administrative Court dismissed the complaint. In addition, Hansel received two decisions form the Market Court regarding the procurement of printing equipment, dismissing the complaint, and a third decision, which left the situation as was. Hansel also received several decisions regarding the framework agreement tendering competition for interpretation services. For some of the complaints, the Market Court left the situation as it was; one complaint was dismissed. For the dismissed complaints, no compensation had to be paid by Hansel. For the complaints that remained as were, Hansel remunerated legal costs to the appellants.

In early 2018, the Market Court dismissed a complaint regarding the tendering process for the supply of liquid fuel containers, and the case has been taken to the Supreme Administrative Court. Hansel is also involved in another case in the Supreme Administrative Court, regarding printing equipment services.

By the company’s estimate, the likelihood of financial ramifications from the court proceedings is low. However, any financial ramifications that come true will amount to significant sums.

For Hansel and other procurement units, a key challenge related to court proceedings is the long processing time of the cases. The Market Court and Supreme Administrative Court proceedings for the above-mentioned case regarding temporary agency workers in the social services and health care sector took approximately three years in total. The long proceedings and automatic suspension impede the realisation of acquisitions to an unreasonable extent and incur extra expenses to the procurement units.