Environmental aspects in stronger focus in the framework agreement for vehicles

Hansel’s framework agreement for vehicles, which came into force in autumn 2017, is stricter than the earlier framework agreement in regard to both regulated and unregulated emissions for all vehicle classes. As a new, absolute requirement, the customer shall determine a maximum CO2 emission limit for the vehicle to be acquired. The Act on Consideration for the Energy and Environmental Impact of Vehicles in Public Procurement was also taken into consideration in the planning of the framework agreement.

In addition to petrol and diesel vehicles, the framework agreement range includes self-charging and chargeable hybrid vehicles, fully electric cars, and gas-powered cars. The category of environmentally friendly cars, CO2 0 g/km, includes six fully electric cars of different makes, while the CO2 1–60 g/km car category includes six chargeable hybrid vehicles of different makes.

Each customer can also specify emission requirements that are stricter than those specified in the framework agreement. In addition, a feature was introduced in the government’s electronic procurement channel for vehicles that parties preparing vehicle acquisitions can use to check the emission information for their current car, using the licence number of the car. This function makes it easier to compare the emissions of an old car to available new models.