Focus on the customer’s success

The basis for Hansel’s customer-centric operations is built on listening to the customer and deepening our understanding. In 2017, the company responded to evolving customer needs with new services and an account strategy that generates overall benefits to the government.

Hansel’s account and stakeholder communications unit is responsible for sales promotion, marketing, customer service, and stakeholder cooperation. The unit’s business strategy focused on engaging with all Hansel customers and strengthening our expertise.

“The annual customer survey revealed that customers would like us to be better acquainted with their core business. Therefore, we intensified our work with customers and hired a sixth account manager. These investments and the high quality of our work with customers are evident in, for example, the sales of framework agreements, with which we achieved a record result”, says Account Manager Petri Kalavainen.

The unit’s foci for 2017 included the strengthening of procurement competence, in particular.

“The message from the field has been that there is need for the organisation of procurement activities, and that is why Hansel has made significant investments in procurement development services. While these development services have been part of our offering for only a short time, our customers already know what they are about, and demand for the service is on the rise.”

The societal effects of the efforts arise from more efficient procurement.

In addition to the customer organisations, the development of procurement activities also benefits government operations in general. The societal effects of the efforts arise from more efficient procurement and from the fact that Hansel is able to support customer organisations in their core tasks.

More customers expected

No significant changes took place in Hansel’s operating environment in 2017. However, changes might be on the horizon, because the reform of health and social services, if it takes place, will have a big impact on Hansel’s customers.

“We have been preparing a new customer management model, with the regional government reform in mind. As the services offered by Hansel are expanded, their segmentation and the related indicators need to be reviewed. We want our customer-centric approach and our strategic goals to show in the objectives and indicators of every employee.”

The basis for segmentation was established through training on customer-driven efforts, among other activities, and the work will be continued in 2018.