Expertise that you can rely on

Tendering processes for information systems are not always without complications, but the procurement projects carried out at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, with support from Hansel, were rewarding to both the people involved in the projects and the future users of the systems.

Nothing extra to worry about

In summer 2017, the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences purchased two important information systems. The extensive HR and project management systems were put out to tender with support from Hansel, allowing the experts at Haaga-Helia to focus on their core competences.

Requirements regarding the new project management system were numerous: a single system had to be able to handle the management of both individual projects and the entire project portfolio. Resourcing, scheduling, archiving, and time management functions were also to be included in the system.

Innovation Director Jatta Jussila-Suokas, who previously worked in the private sector, reveals that until last spring, public procurement remained uncharted territory for her.

“Before the beginning of the tendering process, we spent six months determining system requirements. When this stage proved challenging, our lawyer suggested that we contact Hansel. I wasn’t familiar with the company as a partner, so I didn’t know what to expect.”

Hansel was tasked with completing the project successfully.

Hansel was tasked with completing the project successfully. A team consisting of a tendering consultant and a procurement lawyer made sure that the tendering process was performed in compliance with the law. The tender documentation, contract terms and conditions, and other contractual matters were handled through Hansel.

“The tendering consultant was able to view the procurement process as an outsider and formulate the wording more precisely, for example. Hansel was of great help in the preparation of the scoring model used in the tendering process, in particular, and we would not have been able to do this on our own.”

A simple role for a change

Haaga-Helia’s role in the procurement process was to decide what they wanted from the project management system. According to Jatta Jussila-Suokas, the workload became significantly lighter when someone else took care of the actual tendering process.

“I have managed large research projects for years, and against that background, I can say that the project was managed with great skill. I was able to remain in the role of an expert, and as early as during the tendering process, I could be sure that there would be nothing to criticise about the project afterwards.”

As a result of the tendering process, Haaga-Helia obtained multifunctional software and a supplier that understands user needs.

“Public procurement is a demanding process, but our tendering competition couldn’t have gone better. In hindsight, the only thing I would do differently now would be to involve Hansel sooner, instead of pondering specifications on our own for such a long time. If I’m tasked with a purchase of similar proportions again, I will be sure to call the same people”.

Procurement in a surprisingly fun manner

HR expert Sanna Nurminen worked as project manager in the acquisition and implementation of Haaga-Helia’s new HR system. The system had to meet the various needs of the HR unit, responsible for more than 630 employees, and it was expected to make HR processes smoother through digital solutions.

“We wanted a customer-driven system that supports us in achieving our strategic goals and helps us make better use of our employees’ know-how”, Nurminen says.

Hansel became involved in the early stages of the project. The acquisition was to be made quickly.

“When we told Hansel about the tight schedule, no-one protested; instead, they started working on the project promptly and with a positive attitude. Hansel’s communications were very proactive, so being a customer was easy. At best, we had meetings every Friday; yet the last meetings of the week were productive, and the atmosphere was enjoyable”, Nurminen continues.

The call for tenders included 100 pages. While system requirements were simplified during the technological dialogue, the total number of absolute system requirements was still over 200. According to Nurminen, the material was extremely useful during the implementation of the system.

What could we put out to tender next?

Haaga-Helia’s new HR system offers support throughout a person’s employment, from recruitment to competence development to the provision of a testimonial of service.

“I learned a lot about public procurement during the collaboration with Hansel, and I warmly recommended Hansel’s support in procurement activities. In the last procurement meeting, I was thinking that this is fun – what could we put out to tender next?”